Monday, October 14, 2013

Greetings from North Somerset

With all of Britain to choose from, where did I end up? Blagdon, "the middle of everywhere," as locals like to call it. Blagdon is a small village of around 1,600 souls in the Mendip hills of North Somerset. It has been a village for a very long time.

It was mentioned as Blachedon in the "Domesday Book" of 1086. The name comes from the Old English bloec and dun meaning the "black or bleak down."  The romans were there as early as 49 AD, but there are numerous archaeological sites in the nearby area that date back to the late Ice Age of the Mesolithic period.

A telephoto shot of our rental house (the middle of the three white houses a lower center) taken from the top of nearby Blackdown hill. 
The church of St. Andrew in the village.
Is this rustic enough for you?
Back in Blighty!

Back in Blighty at last! Me, the wife and our menagerie have returned to Britain. Here we are mugging for the camera outside our rental home. Somerset is gorgeous and a mind-boggling place for a history buff like myself to live. There is so much history almost literally on my doorstep, from the Mesolithic era to WW2. I'll be posting more as time allows