Saturday, August 26, 2017

Going Hybrid!

Many of you will have noticed a lengthy gap since the publication of my last novel, The Angel of Highgate. This is a result of the way traditional publishing works. My publisher has been dithering about publishing the third novel in the Paranormal Casebooks series.

In light of this, I have decided to become a hybrid author. In other words, some of my books will be traditionally published, while I will self-publish others.  The initial stigma that once accompanied self-publishing is finally eroding, helped by the shock discovery that self-published books outsold traditionally published books in 2015!

Self-publishing allows me much greater flexibility both in what kinds of books I write and how frequently I publish them. No more year-long lag between books! I am free to put out books as fast as I can write them.  Thanks to that freedom, I am hoping to publish three to four books over the next six months. The first up is my collection of Speculative Fiction: The Winter Ghosts are Calling, ten tales that range from horror, to weird fiction, to science fiction. To better engage with my readers I am offering the eBook for free to those who sign up for my newsletter. I love to hear from my readers, and this will offer a channel for improved communication.

For those who fear being Spammed, rest easy: I would never sell your details to Russian hackers, nor will I be cramming your inbox with endless emails. I plan on putting out one email a month, or only when I have some news worth sharing. I am also looking to create a Street Team of beta readers who can sign up to receive ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) of my newest works in exchange for posting honest, unbiased reviews on Amazon and other places. (Pretty much the same thing that Netgalley and many traditional publishers offer.)

I will also be sharing short stories and chapters from novels in progress with members of the Street Team. I am looking for feedback such as, do you like/hate the ending of the book? Did you find any parts confusing, slow, etc.? I will also have the occasional giveaway (such as copies of signed books) for Street Reader members. For those interested in taking part, begin by clicking on my free ebook The Winter Ghosts are Calling, which will add you to my newsletter. I will be sending out details on how to sign up to become a Street Reader member in future emails.

Find one of the signup boxes on any page and grab your free copy of The Winter Ghosts Are Calling!