Thursday, November 13, 2014

"One of the Best Books I've ever Read," Review of THE REVENANT OF THRAXTON HALL

Just read this wonderful review from a lady who is life long book lover and used to work in a library when she lived in Australia.

Not only did The Revenant of Thraxton Hall make it into her top three reads of 2014, she also describes it as "One of the best books I've ever read."

A short break while I jump up from my desk and do the Happy Dance.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Dead Assassin Now Available for Pre-Sale Orders!

Big news!  THE DEAD ASSASSIN, the second book in the Paranormal Casebook series is now available for pre-order on Amazon and other online book sellers.

I am absolutely thrilled with the book cover created by David Baldeosingh Rotstein, the same talented artist who produced the ominous and foreboding cover for THE REVENANT OF THRAXTON HALL.

In both cases, Rotstein read the novel in order to get a feel for the mood and theme he needed to convey.

I think he did a terrific job portraying the gothic menace of Thraxton Hall.  In THE DEAD ASSASSIN, he once again features two top hatted figures (Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde) as they scurry across Westminster Bridge (okay, some liberties have been taken with the perspective) while one of London's sulphurous yellow fog swirls in the skies above. (Not much of a spoiler but expect lots of fog in this book.)

What a gorgeous cover. Thanks to everyone at St. Martin's Press for putting out such a beautiful book.